Knowledge of Materials and Tooling
When it comes to obtaining the best possible results, another essential set of factors are the material you are working with and the tool you are using to cut it. Material choice will effect every stage of the Project – from initial concept through final finishing.
The most common materials people using CNC Routers work with include; wood, plastics, dense foam board and softer (non-ferrous) metals (brass, aluminum, etc.). If you are not already familiar with the type of material you want to use, there are many sources of information that can help you.
To efficiently and safely cut different types of material you will need to choose an appropriate tool (bit), know how fast you can move that tool through that material (Feed Rate and Plunge Rate), how much material you can remove at one time (Pass Depth and Cut Depth) and how fast the bit should be rotating (Spindle or Router speed). Typically suppliers of tooling offer technical information on the correct settings for cutting different material types with the router bits they sell.
On the internet you will find many good sources of information from material and tooling manufacturers websites. Another excellent resource is ask questions and read about other users experiences with different tools, materials and settings on User Forums such as Vectric’s, which you can access here -

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