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  • CNC router
    CNC router

    cnc router machine is a kind of widely used computerized numerical control cnc machine, it include several types according to its usage and function, for example, woodworking cnc with vacuum system and function specially for woodwork; stoneworking cnc with water groove and heavy duty, big power specially for stone working; 4 axis & 5 axis cnc with head can rotate 180 degree for cylinder materials, models, figure carving etc; panel furniture production line with auto feeding, drilling function for kitchen, sofa, wardrobe and other panel type furniture production. These machines are the very popular and widely used.

  • Laser machine
    Laser machine

    CO2 Laser cutting machine, include the vertical type and mini desktop type. this machine is use to nonmetal materials engraving and cutting. power of laser tube from 40W to 180W. Applicable to advertisement, gift, shoes, toys, computers, garments, model cutting, building, packaging, paper industry etc. Engraving and cutting precision is very high. If you have a higher accuracy requirement, this machine is your best choice. welcome come here inquiry.

  • CNC Machine (wood lathe, foam cutting)
    CNC Machine (wood lathe, foam cutting)

    foam cutting machine which designed with hot wire heating cutting, we speically add a cnc router head for engraving on one machine, this way save more cost and easy to operate, welcome to get more details by click this category.....

  • Plasma cutting machine
    Plasma cutting machine

    Plasma cutting machine, use to metal cutting. adopts the USA famous brand Hypertherm power supply or Use China brand power supply with the high quality precision, more stable, and long life span. From 45A to 120A for different thickness metal materials. the metal include: Stainless steel, carbon steel, iron, copper and so on.

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Jinan Grace Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. is specialized in developing, manufacturing CNC router (woodworking router, advertising router, stone working router and metal engraving router......), Laser machine (laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine, laser marking machine……)

Plasma cutting machine, cutting plotters, acrylic bending machine, flame polishing machines and other cnc machines. we always cherish cooperation, pay more attention to products quality and improvement, pay close attention to company's value: Winning with people, customer focus!

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  • smart laser cutting machine G6090

    working size:600x900mm, power 90-100w, high quality

  • Fiber laser cutting machine 750W G1530

    this video we are cutting 3mm 304 steel for our customer, 750w laser source.

  • G1325 CNC Router Demo

    High quality CNC 1300x2500x200mm.